Wahta Mohawks
Wahta Mohawk Territory
Box 260, Bala, Ontario, Canada, P0C 1A0
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Healing and Wellness

The Wahta Healing and Wellness program is designed to facilitate the development of healing and wellness initiatives for the members of Wahta Mohawk Community. Lucia Sahanatien is the program coordinator.   

Programs and projects are developed based on the needs and priorities identified by community members. The needs of the community are determined through formal surveys and informal community gatherings. Being a small community, home visits are the most effective way of communicating with the citizens and obtaining their input on the programs required. We have many community workshops, gatherings, men and women's group where needs are identified.

In addition too the programs and projects, the community workers provide individual support and assistance. This can include counseling services and arranging access to outside services such as professional counseling, support and rehabilitation.  The Wahta Healing and Wellness program works closely with other service programs within the community to ensure coordinated approach is employed in any initiatives undertaken.  The Healing and Wellness Program also promotes the Mohawk Cultural teachings and  language.  Read our monthly newsletter. 

You can call Lucia at the Family Resource Center at 705-762-1274.  The Family Resource Centre is situated at 2350 Muskoka Road 38 between Muskoka Road 169 and the 400. Drive carefully!

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